Nexus Academy | Personalized Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Melissa Stockmar

Executive Chef

Chef Melissa is our Executive Chef at Nexus Teen Academy. Melissa Stockmar’s love and connection with food began at the age of 15. Growing up in the Midwest, every meal was treated as an important opportunity to spend time together with family and friends.
Chef Melissa began her food journey in 1999 with a degree in Culinary Arts from Scottdale Culinary Institute. From there, she worked her way up the culinary ladder, choosing to specialize in pastry as a Pastry Chef. Becoming a chef was rewarding and demanding at the same time. A slight detour to Chef Melissa’s career presented itself when she was on a local news program promoting a female-led dessert fundraiser and was introduced to several well-known Pastry Chefs in the Valley. One of the chefs asked her to teach culinary classes. Riddled with stage fright, her first response was a heck, no! Ultimately, she decided to accept the challenge, as she would still have one foot in the kitchen, and it might be a new and exciting change. Since that first class, she has never looked back! Chef Melissa has since taught not only pastry but classes in all types of cuisine. She has mentored many and helped each student reach their goals. One student went on to compete nationally on Master Chef Jr. and Top Chef Jr. continuing to inspire others to value the skills cooking may bring them later in life.
In Melissa’s eyes, food is a universal way of connecting with another person. Cooking the residents and staff’s meals at Nexus brings her into a personal connection with everyone who steps through our doors. The residents’ cooking classes give her an opportunity to continue teaching this priceless life skill that she hopes will serve them for a lifetime.