Nexus Academy

Arizona's foremost
Teen Residential Treatment academy

Coming November 2023

RECOVERY at nEXUS ACADEMY - scottsdale, arizona

Lasting Recovery

Our team of licensed and experienced recovery professionals combine proven clinical and medical care to ensure your loved one is provided with the attention, care, and tools to live a fruitful sober life. We provide a variety of therapeutic recovery techniques as every individual requires a unique curriculum to address their challenges and begin their own recovery journey.

Recovery Directed by Addictionalogists

Nexus Academy is led by addictionologists who have years of experience uncovering and treating the root causes of addiction. The intentionally limited number of beds allows a high staff to client ratio and most importantly allows our licensed staff to give each individual the attention and care they deserve.

Fun and Educational

Nexus Academy incorporates activities and education to ensure every client stays engaged in their journey, has a memorable experience, completes their educational needs, and receives all recovery tools necessary for long-term sobriety.