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  • Why Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Teen Anxiety Works

    Why Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy For Teen Anxiety Works

    Did you know that¬†31.9% of adolescents worldwide suffer from anxiety disorders? Today’s world is fast-paced and stressful, and many adolescents face pressures from their everyday experiences, social interactions, and academic expectations. As a result, many adolescents struggle with anxiety, which significantly affects their lives and overall well-being. Following these concerns, researchers have invested substantial effort …

  • How Does Teen Dialectical Behavior Therapy Work?

    How Does Teen Dialectical Behavior Therapy Work?

    In today’s complex world, adolescence often brings a whirlwind of emotions. Ensuring teenagers’ emotional and mental health well-being is crucial, and mental health experts have been at the forefront of solving adolescent mental health issues. Among the myriad therapeutic approaches available, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) stands out as an effective tool tailored specifically for teenagers. …